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The Finance Your Dreams course is a bundle of mini-courses. Here is the suggested learning path:

Financing Your Dreams is a six-course bundle. You’ll get the following mini-courses:

Start with What Energizes You: Your plan starts here. Make values-based goals that make sense for your life. This is the powerful compass that will enable you to Stay The Course, and that is the discipline that changes difficult into doable.

Create Wealth Automatically: This is the secret of millionaires that almost guarantees success.

Where Should I Put Money? Learn how to choose appropriate investment risk for your different needs.

Common Sense Investing: Learn the 10 Rules of Common Sense Investing and you are virtually guaranteed to outperform the majority of investors, both individual and professionals alike.

Why Bother with Bonds: Learn to build an all-weather portfolio including CDs, bonds, and bond funds—even during low interest rates. Bonds are a source of confusion yet a large component of your portfolio. Learn the basics here.

Diversify Like a Pro: Learn how to construct a good portfolio and what the ideal portfolio would look like!


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